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Waltham Forest Echo April 2021

Latest Statement – 22nd March 2021

For the last six months, the Leytonstone community has come together to oppose Waltham Forest
Council’s plans to replace the Pastures Community Centre, Good Shepherd Building and their grounds in Davies Lane with housing.
We were pleased to learn from local Councillor Clyde Loakes that following feasibility reviews and discussions with Council Officers and Councillors from both Leytonstone and Cann Hall Wards, Waltham Forest Council has concluded that it should not take the proposed housing redevelopment forward. We have been told the current proposals will be withdrawn, after formal confirmation.
This announcement is not the end of the ‘Save Our Pastures’ campaign. In fact, it signals the start of the next phase. The move to withdraw housing proposals now enables local businesses,
organisations and residents to discuss how best to take advantage of the huge potential of the site’s unique combination of buildings and safe, highly bio-diverse grounds.
In consultation with local residents and supporters, and following public meetings, ‘Save Our Pastures’ intends to create a sustainable and transparent framework for this process and establish itself as an independent community organisation. The new organisation is aiming to produce a suitably robust and realistically costed business plan for the Pastures facilities and grounds, for the use of the whole community.
Discussions will take place within the context of economic, physical and social recovery from the pandemic emergency. The campaign knows that the population in the south of the borough is planned to grow and believes that resources must be available locally to match this increase.
The shared vision that will emerge from this period of consultation will embrace opportunities within the creative sector, community services, culture, employment skills, sport and well-being, youth engagement, and business support across the diverse neighbourhood population. It will learn from other projects which have successfully harnessed community and local resources and opportunities at a time of financial stringency.
A revitalised Pastures centre will help develop the maximum self-sufficiency of the locality, helping to support healthier (mentally and physically) and safer lifestyles for the whole community without people having to travel to access facilities.
‘Save Our Pastures’ will continue to oppose any inappropriate redevelopment or loss of facilities and is formulating plans for the site that will enhance the area and support the aspirations of the community throughout Leytonstone.

Save Our Pastures

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