Pastures Gardens

The Pastures Gardening Gang (PGG) volunteers have started work on the gardens and in November planted 300 spring bulbs near the entrance in readiness for spring. At the end of November, the front area was cleared by the council to show its natural beauty. For two weekends in early December 2021, PGG got together and dug up roots to create a flower bed, plating daffodils and crocuses which are now (March 2022) beginning to flower.

In January 2022 we gratefully received also from the council, 27 trees (whips) to plant out. We had 2 lovely cherry trees with the rest split between Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Hazel. Again, PGG hit the gardens on a cold Saturday morning and planted a strip of trees along the fence boundary with the school and placed more trees in areas that needed filling out at the back area

As the weather improves, we hope to see a bigger turnout from the PGG team as there is much left to do. The plan, for Phase 1 of the garden, is to turn the front lawn area into a peaceful park with many flowers, shrubs and a path connecting the front area to the back. Benches will be placed in and around the area and picnics will be encouraged!

A big thank you to all the PGG volunteers – we couldn’t do this without you!! Let’s look forward to some great weather and great gardening!

Along with myself and my partner Mostyn, here are some of the Gang!