Good Shepherd Announcement

The Waltham Forest Council tender bid process which started in December 2021 for
the meanwhile use of the Good Shepherd Building concluded in March and the
successful bidder has been notified by Council Officers.

Councillor Clyde Loakes notified the Pastures Action Group confirming:
“The Team are all Leytonstone residents and seem to have put together an
interesting and exciting bid, identifying gaps and responding to growing
demands – co- working opportunities for example-, whilst adding to the wider
community, creative and economic footprint of Leytonstone.
This begins a new and I believe welcome chapter in the life of the Good
Shepherd Building and I’m sure the team will be reaching out and providing
further details over the coming days, weeks, and months, as they are handed
the keys and get to work, making their ideas a reality.
With the renewed interest and activity at the Pastures Building, the work in the
grounds, the food growing plots and now this development it really does feel
that the site has a renewed sense of purpose.”

The successful bidder has provided details of the new team with brief statements of
their aims below.

We propose to transform the Good Shepherd Building into a multi-purpose
space with creative arts at its core.
The local community’s mind and appetite will be fed through an accessible
offering of Co-working, Community and Café spaces.

Our mission is to improve the lives and prospects of our community through
collaborative experiences.
As residents of Leytonstone, we relish the opportunity to make this
contribution to our neighbours

Project Team
Zak Crafer, Danielle Gilbert & Jake Green

Further information will be made available as things progress

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